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Meet The Artist

Lapidarist - Pamela Huizenga

Celebrating the combination of beauty and uniqueness found in gemstones, lapidarist Pamela Huizenga creates exclusive jewelry that combines precious metals with gems from around the world. At age 16, Pamela began studying the art of stone cutting under the tutelage of Jerry Call. This early passion for “rocks” lead her down the path of exploring design and all areas of the jewelry industry at a young age, but it wasn’t until 2009, when she began focusing more on her own design aesthetic, that her collection began to blossom.

Pamela’s unique ability to pair unusual and rare gemstones, with her chic and timeless jewelry designs, is intriguing to the jewelry collector who is constantly looking for something new. Inspired by the dichotomies in nature, Pamela expresses both the calming and dramatic force of the oceans, the serene and yet vibrant colors of the deserts and the contrasting hues of the world’s forests. Each of her creations is a one-of-a-kind piece, designed with exacting specifications, and Pamela is involved in every step of the design process. From cutting and polishing stones, to layouts on her signature duct tape, to design and manufacturing - Pamela’s hand touches it all. Pamela is constantly searching the globe for beautiful and intriguing stones, evidenced in the magnificent color she uses in all of her work.

Today, you can find Pamela Huizenga Jewelry in the most luxurious of high-end retail stores, independent jewelers and boutiques around the globe. As much as she loves to share her designs you can always persuade this self-titled “rock hound” to share her love of gemstones and minerals. She has a plethora of knowledge and listening to her share her passion is a real treat.